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When to File a Wrongful Death Claim

Immediately after the death of a loved one, speaking to a lawyer may be far from your mind; however, it is something to consider soon. If you believe the death occurred due to an accident or assault that was someone else’s fault, you may be able to receive compensation for your loss. Call an experienced… read more

2022 Rape and Sexual Assault Statistics

Sexual assault and rape are the most traumatic crimes for victims. Survivors can experience psychological, physical and emotional repercussions that stick with them for a very long time. The 2022 rape and sexual assault statistics show that this crime is still prevalent and may require the victim to take criminal and legal action.  Crimes in… read more

Home and Car Safety Reminders

Once daylight savings ends, we start to see shorter days and longer nights. It makes for a festive season of holiday lights, but also opens up opportunities to be distracted or hurt. Practicing vigilant home and car safety may save your life or the lives of others. News: Man Killed Outside Atlanta Institution Manuel’s Tavern… read more

6 Questions a Sexual Assault Attorney Needs to Ask

Reporting an attack to the authorities or to a sexual assault attorney can be difficult. Victims may feel embarrassed, angry, frightened, hurt, confused, or unsure about their emotions while talking about what happened to them. All details of an assault are important in filing a report; however, listed below are critical pieces of information rape… read more

Woman Raped at Mental Health Facility Files Charges

Our client, whom we will call “Jane” to protect her identity, contacted a mental health care facility that would provide her with help and counseling. The facility she chose recommended a program that included an apartment-style room in a co-ed wing. Sadly, while in the recovery program, another resident raped her.   The attack occurred… read more

Legal Rights for Bikers Accident Injuries In Georgia

Biking is a great way to exercise and explore Metro Atlanta. But anyone who’s shared the road with other vehicles knows that driver negligence can lead to a costly or tragic accident. Attorney Daniel Adamson, who’s an avid Georgia biker himself, talks about legal options for cyclists, and safety precautions to avoid an accident. Parts… read more

Justice Includes Food Security

DONATE TO FOOD FRENZY It’s OK to Ask for Help with Food An accident, injury, assault, or traumatic loss can take you out of work, leave you stranded without a vehicle, or amount to unexpected medical bills. Dealing with the stress of a serious accident may make things like shopping for groceries and cooking a… read more

Ask a Lawyer: Shootings and Assault on Private Property, Virtual Event

The aftermath of a shooting is always chaotic. The person who pulled the trigger is just one of the possibly many parties responsible for a shooting, and personal injury lawyers investigate all possibilities. During this live and recorded Q&A event, Attorney Rod Dixon explains the difference between seeking civil and criminal charges in shooting cases… read more

Premises Liability During Georgia Winters

Happy New Year! We want to start the year with tips to navigate one of the most common personal injury situations: Premises Liability. If you’ve been injured, start a claim with our experienced Georgia premises liability attorneys at The Dixon Firm. An injury related to a property owner’s negligence can result in costly medical care… read more

Can social media posts affect a lawsuit?

Many are already aware of the impact social media can have on relationships, careers, and even politics, but knowing how your online engagement can affect a potential lawsuit may surprise you. Social media posts may be used as evidence to: disprove an injury claim discredit a witness disqualify a juror On the other hand, images… read more