What is the Purpose of an Accident Reconstruction?

After a bike, car, motorcycle, or truck accident, injured victims may not know exactly how the crash happened.  Understandably, a personal injury can make the event seem foggy and uncertain.  Frequently, witnesses may have contradictory statements or say it happened too fast to know for sure.

Accident reconstruction is an important part of many personal injury cases. At The Dixon Firm, an experienced attorney skilled in working with accident reconstructionists can investigate the cause of the incident, analyze the facts, and accurately depict what happened. Indeed, reconstruction can help us build a stronger case against the defendant.

How Does Accident Reconstruction Help a Case?

Personal injury claims in Atlanta center on the legal theory of negligence. To receive compensation for your injuries, medical bills, and pain and suffering, you must prove the other party’s neglect caused your damages.  Accident reconstruction can go a long way toward proving negligence.

An accident reconstructionist can visit the scene of the accident.  At the scene, he or she can evaluate the physics of the accident based on damages and calculate vehicle speeds and directions.  An accident reconstruction can determine the circumstances of the accident and obtain vehicle black box data.  The reconstructionist can testify about their discoveries in front of a judge and jury.

Also, an accident reconstruction can help determine the roles of the parties involved.  The nature of the accident and environmental conditions may be important. Accident reconstruction can clear up any confusion and set the record straight about contradicting stories. The testimony of a skilled reconstruction team can be exactly what you need to prove your case.

Importantly, the accident reconstruction team at The Dixon Firm has members with experience in engineering, science education, law enforcement, and other specialized backgrounds.  We gather the ideal skills for the task.  As always, we strive to make the process of investigation, analysis, and drawing conclusions easy on our clients.  We do the hard work for them so they can focus on recovering.

What to Expect During Reconstruction

With anything, accurate accident reconstruction depends on the competence of the people investigating the scene.  Proudly, clients trust The Dixon Firm, for high-quality reconstruction work. When our team conducts a reconstruction, here is what happens:

  1. We visit the scene of the accident. We bring cameras and other equipment to photograph and inspect the scene. We’ll assess surrounding signs, signals, and conditions to assess potential visibility or other issues.  Further, we’ll evaluate any human, environmental or vehicle factors that may have been involved.
  2. We interview witnesses. We’ll find out who was at the scene of the accident and take their official statements. Also, witnesses we interview can help us figure out what happened.  Obviously, this may work in your favor if someone needs to testify.
  3. We interpret data. Using the information we gather about your accident, we’ll conduct a risk analysis.  Also, we will identify any actions that may have prevented the accident.  The reconstructionist can prepare a reconstruction report when appropriate. If necessary, an Atlanta accident reconstructionist can use software programs to rebuild the accident.  We can then present the professional reconstruction to an insurance company, judge, or jury.

If necessary, we’ll hire specialized experts to investigate particular aspects of the case and provide key testimony.  For example, if your case relies on proof that a shrub was blocking a stop sign, we could hire an arborist.  Indeed, such an expert may testify that the property owner’s maintenance crew should have cut the shrub back sooner.

Experienced Accident Reconstruction in Atlanta, GA

When you hire The Dixon Firm, and we decide accident reconstruction is appropriate for your case, we’ll head to the scene of the accident and begin our investigation.  We have the tools and resources at our disposal to investigate an accident thoroughly.

Remember, if you need a team of personal injury attorneys in Atlanta with accident reconstruction capabilities, trust The Dixon Firm. Contact us today for a free case evaluation.