Justice Includes Food Security

DONATE TO FOOD FRENZY It’s OK to Ask for Help with Food An accident, injury, assault, or traumatic loss can take you out of work, leave you stranded without a vehicle, or amount to unexpected medical bills. Dealing with the stress of a serious accident may make things like shopping for groceries and cooking a… read more

Food and Freebies at the City of South Fulton’s Trunk or Treat 2021

Free food and giveaway prizes at Welcome All Park in South Fulton Members of The Dixon Firm, P.C. will be at the City of South Fulton’s Trunk or Treat at Welcome All Park on Saturday, October 30, 2021 starting at 2 PM. We are covering the cost of 250 meals from Sandtown Pubs on Wheels…. read more

The Uber Driver Shooting Case

Attorney Rod Dixon describes a case of an Uber driver shooting. An Uber Eats delivery driver shot and killed a man outside of his own home. The rideshare company tried to avoid our client’s case going to court. Increased Rideshare Shootings Earlier in the year, another Uber driver shot multiple passengers in his vehicle, killing… read more

Juneteenth, Justice, and a Counterfeit Bill Case

After 200 years, Juneteenth has become as celebrated as July 4th in the African American community. Attorney Rod Dixon gives a brief history of the observance and discusses what this day means to the law and Atlanta. He also describes a case where our client was arrested for allegedly trying to spend a counterfeit $100… read more

Safety Tips for Atlanta Pedestrians of All Ages

Across the nation, an estimated 6,000 pedestrians are killed every year. In March 2018, the Governors Highway Safety Association listed Georgia as 16th in the nation for pedestrian deaths. Between January and June 2017, there were 92 pedestrian deaths in Georgia. A few of these deaths have become “high profile” in the Metro Atlanta area,… read more

Strip Club Shooting In Atlanta…Again

People know Atlanta as a strip club mecca and have for a long, long time.  Anyone who lives in Atlanta, and a whole lot of people who visit, knows what the city thinks about its high-heeled rump shakers.  Sadly, though, strip club shooting is a frequent enough occurrence that we are not surprised when we… read more

What Is the Deadline for Filing a Lawsuit in Atlanta, Georgia?

Georgia statutes of limitations law gives personal injury victims two years from the injuries for filing lawsuits.  Generally, a victim loses the claim if he or she does not file within two years of injury.  There are certain circumstances, though, where the court will expand the deadline. Minors have more time for filing lawsuits For… read more

Being A Black Lawyer In Atlanta

by Rod Dixon Not long ago, I spoke at a career day for young students at Brown Middle, an Atlanta Public School.  I was discussing being a lawyer with several of the students.  Then, one asked, “yeah, but what is it like being a black lawyer in Atlanta?”  Sadly, my initial response was that it’s… read more

Analysis: Crime at Atlanta Parks

In 2016, crime was down by 27 percent overall in Atlanta, including sharp declines in major crimes such as aggravated assaults. While this positive trend should be celebrated, crime remains a problem in the city – notably near parks and community gathering places. This has been made particularly evident by recent high-profile cases including: the… read more

Can I Sue the City of Atlanta?

Injured in a public bus crash? Slip and fall on a badly cracked sidewalk downtown? City employee assault you? The City of Atlanta may be liable for your injuries after accidents involving city-owned properties or city workers. It is possible for a city to become the defendant in personal injury claims in Georgia. Despite statewide… read more