Deck Collapse

Deck Injury Cases that Helped Shape the Law

Decks can be defective in a number of ways, most prominently involving the stairs, railings, boards, and supports (attachment).  Below are cases important in several potential causes of deck injury. Defective Stairs? In Chisholm v. Fulton Supply Co., 361 S.E.2d 540, 184 Ga. App. 378 (Ga. Ct. App. 1987), the Georgia court of appeals addressed… read more

Can I Sue the Owner for Injuries I Received in a Deck Collapse?

As an injury lawyer, I often wonder whether I am the only one who thinks about deck collapse when I step onto them.  Although I acknowledge a bit of paranoia, my questions exist because deck collapses are typically sudden and cause catastrophic injuries.  As builders, owners, or occupiers of decks, it is important to understand… read more