Negligent Security

Premises Liability During Georgia Winters

Happy New Year! We want to start the year with tips to navigate one of the most common personal injury situations: Premises Liability. An injury related to a property owner’s negligence can result in costly medical care and unexpected time off work. This can be incredibly stressful when you’re still paying off bills from gifts… read more

Taking Legal Action and Understanding Sexual Assault Law

Attorney Daniel Adamson defines sexual violence according to Georgia law and provides legal recommendations from sexual assault attorneys to help victims to fight back. Backstory: In the City of Atlanta, 20% of rape cases were cleared exceptionally over the last 6 years. More than 200 suspects were never arrested or charged. According to some Georgia… read more

Juneteenth, Justice, and a Counterfeit Bill Case

After 200 years, Juneteenth has become as celebrated as July 4th in the African American community. Attorney Rod Dixon gives a brief history of the observance and discusses what this day means to the law and Atlanta. He also describes a case where our client was arrested for allegedly trying to spend a counterfeit $100… read more

Common Types of Personal Injury Lawsuits

Personal injury law is a set of laws known as torts. These laws allow injured persons or their families to seek compensation when someone else is responsible for the injuries. There are numerous events, actions, omissions, and behaviors that can lead to personal injury lawsuits. Below, you will find a brief description of some of… read more

A&H Apartments Shooting: Was Security Adequate?

An all-too-familiar subject just scrolled across my news feed: someone was shot at an apartment complex. The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports that a man was shot in the head at the A&H Apartments in the 600 block of Hill Street in Forest Park, Georgia. The victim’s status is unknown, and he is receiving emergency medical… read more

What Does Negligent Security Mean?

There are two justice systems in our country: one is the civil justice system and the other is the criminal justice system. Obviously, the criminal justice system is focused on punishing and, often, jailing people for crimes.  The civil justice system, on the other hand, is where you sue people or businesses who hurt you…. read more