Champlain Towers and Structural Collapse Cases

Backstory: The Champlain Towers located in Surfside, Florida condos, collapsed on June 23, 2021, resulting in 97 deaths, as of July 18.

Structural collapses can happen to buildings, decks, balconies, or even parking lots of any size. They require experienced legal assistance to navigate the possibility of a property owner’s negligence and damages.

After a large-scale accident, there can be a lot of questions from loved ones as to why it happened and how it could have been avoided. The tragedy of the Champlain Towers in Florida is just one example of how little time it takes for a structural collapse to affect so many people at one time.

Our hearts are with those who lost loved ones due to this tragedy. We always have Georgia’s back if you have legal questions regarding a collapse case, and offer free legal consultation for structural collapse and other personal injury cases.

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