What Does Negligent Security Mean?

There are two justice systems in our country: one is the civil justice system and the other is the criminal justice system. Obviously, the criminal justice system is focused on punishing and, often, jailing people for crimes.  The civil justice system, on the other hand, is where you sue people or businesses who hurt you.  In civil justice, money is the typical award.  It is very rare that the two systems come together.  But one such instance is when negligence security cases arise.  When you are the victim of a crime on the property of a business, you may have a negligent security case.

Negligent Security Basics

Basically, property owners have an obligation to make sure their premises are safe for the people who enter.  This obligation stands, whether the people are apartment renters or customers at a gas station, restaurant, or hotel.  And the reason businesses have an obligation to keep customers safe is pretty obvious.  If the businesses know that there are unsafe things going on, ought to let any visitors or customers know.  The customers are the ones spending money at the business.  The business, therefore, has an obligation to make sure they remain safe.

Look at it from a different perspective. A business that understands that there is crime occurring on or near the premises can either increase the security at the business — and they can do that in various ways, such as increase the lighting, install security cameras, or hire security guards— or they can warn the customers or residents (of the hotel or apartment complex) that there is crime on the premises.

A lot of times, businesses fail in their obligation to warn and/or protect.  They neglect their duties, usually because they want to save money by not increasing the security at the business or because they don’t want to alert the customer that there is a problem with crime.  Business owners know that if the consumers believe the business is not safe, the consumers will not go there to spend money.

Negligent security cases are as old as the law itself.  The law can help you, whether you were shot, stabbed or sexually assaulted. Feel free to watch one of our lawyers explain negligent security, and then give us a call.  We can assess whether you have a civil case and whether you may be eligible for compensation through the Crime Victims Compensation Program.