Woman Raped at Mental Health Facility Files Charges

Our client, whom we will call “Jane” to protect her identity, contacted a mental health care facility that would provide her with help and counseling. The facility she chose recommended a program that included an apartment-style room in a co-ed wing. Sadly, while in the recovery program, another resident raped her.


The attack occurred while the on-site security staff responsible for monitoring the hallways was away from the premises, without coverage. The owners of the property had a duty to keep the residents safe. Put simply, they failed to take appropriate action to remedy or reduce the danger to the residents.


Jane filed a report with the police to document her claim of rape at the recovery facility. She also sought medical attention that included a rape kit and a visit to urgent care due to back pain sustained during her attack.

Legal Action: Why Did We File A Lawsuit?

Jane contacted The Dixon Firm because she believed her attack could have been avoided if the facility’s staff had not been negligent. We will utilize the law to gather proof that the facility failed at its duty to protect her, to obtain full justice for our client.


If You’ve Been a Victim of Sexual Assault

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Cases of rape at mental health facilities, hospitals, hotels, or parking garages happen far too often. Many times criminal charges against attackers can go unsolved or inactive, so it’s important for victims of sexual assault to act quickly when seeking sexual assault resources and legal assistance.

After taking steps to contact the authorities and getting medical aid, contact The Dixon Firm to consult an experienced sexual assault attorney.