Atlanta Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are particularly heartbreaking injuries for patients and their families. Brain injuries can alter an individual’s personality or leave him or her struggling mentally or physically. The difficulty of dealing with such injuries takes an emotional toll on the injured person as well as on his or her family and loved ones.

Don’t accept representation from a lawyer just because he or she called you. At The Dixon Firm, P.C., every Atlanta brain injury lawyer on our team approaches each brain injury case with compassion and an understanding that every brain injury is unique. It is our responsibility to guide you and your loved ones through the legal process with empathy and expertise so you can focus on care and recovery for yourself or your loved one.

Understanding the Causes of Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injury is responsible for about 30 percent of all injury deaths in the United States. Over 40 percent of traumatic brain injuries are the result of falls, while blunt trauma is the second leading cause, followed by motor vehicle accidents. Often, the seriousness of a brain injury is related to the victim’s age as well. Brain injuries tend to be particularly serious for young children and the elderly.

At The Dixon Firm, P.C., our Atlanta brain injury attorneys have handled several different types of head injuries including:

Recognizing the Symptoms of Traumatic Brain Injury

Many people assume that loss of consciousness is the main symptom of TBI, and while it’s certainly a common sign, there are others as well. Not every brain injury victim loses consciousness, but the damage can still be severe. The symptoms of traumatic brain injury can include:

If you or a loved one experiences these symptoms after a head injury, seek medical help right away and have the doctor record all injuries for a potential injury claim. Once medical attention has been received, consider speaking with an Atlanta personal injury lawyer experienced in cases involving brain injuries.

Determining the Strength of your Brain Injury Case

The first step in determining whether you have a strong case for a brain injury lawsuit is to make sure you’re communicating with your medical team. Your doctor should provide you with information about the extent of your injury, the nature of your symptoms, and your long-term prognosis, as well as the treatments and therapies you’ll need for recovery.

Other factors in assessing your brain injury case include how the injury occurred, whether you’re able to return to work, and, if you can work, can you do the same kind of work you did before your injury.

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