Atlanta Escalator Injury Lawyer

Escalator accidents can be immensely harmful, leading to catastrophic pinch, stuck in-between, or crush injuries. An escalator malfunction can lead to broken bones, head injuries, internal injuries, spinal cord injuries, and even wrongful death. Severe trauma from an escalator accident can leave victims feeling scared, confused, and unsure of how to begin recovery. With help from a qualified Atlanta escalator injury lawyer at The Dixon Firm, P.C., escalator accident victims can feel in control of their futures again. If you feel unprepared to handle a devastating escalator incident, trust our team of attorneys for experienced help.

Pursuing an Escalator Injury Claim in Georgia

There are several reasons an escalator might cause a personal injury, from poor maintenance to improper installation. Whether the escalator you were on malfunctioned and injured you or there was a chain of events leading to your accident, the first step in pursuing litigation is determining exactly what happened, and a knowledgeable Atlanta personal injury lawyer can help. You may have been the victim of one of these common escalator accidents:

Children and the elderly are especially at risk of suffering injuries in an escalator accident. If you or a loved one experienced an escalator malfunction that led to injuries, learn your rights by speaking with an escalator injury attorney in Atlanta, GA. The accident reconstruction team at The Dixon Firm, P.C. can investigate your accident and learn the circumstances of your injuries. We can then help you name a defendant – likely the property owner – and understand your options moving forward.

Legal Remedies for Georgia Escalator Accidents

Most elevator accidents deal with the rules of premises liability. Premises liability laws in Georgia require a property owner to ensure the reasonable safety of visitors. This includes routine property maintenance, repairing hazardous conditions such as malfunctioning escalator, and warning people of known hazards they may not notice, such as a loose escalator handrail.

Failure to keep a property free of hazards, resulting in an injury, places liability with the landowner. If you suffered an escalator injury on a commercial property such as a shopping mall or grocery store, another public building, or on private property, the owner of the property may be liable for your injuries.

If an escalator malfunction stemmed from a manufacturing error, such as a defective piece of equipment that made the escalator unsafe for use, your injuries may be the manufacturer’s responsibility. In these circumstances, your case would likely follow the rules of product liability instead of premises liability. To prove a product liability case in Georgia, an injured party only needs to show that the escalator was defective and that this defect caused injury.

Hire a Skilled Atlanta Escalator Injury Lawyer at The Dixon Firm, P.C.

The best way to protect your rights after a harmful escalator accident is to hire a personal injury lawyer who has experience in many facets of law, including premises and product liability rules. Discover your rights after a frightening escalator accident in a free consultation with an accomplished attorney at The Dixon Firm, P.C. Call our office at 404-733-1166 to schedule a meeting today.