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As Atlanta talcum powder injury lawyers, we have seen just how many women were shocked by the recent news that using talcum baby powder products for an extended period of time can have serious health consequences. Many medical professionals have known about the dangers of talcum powder, also known as baby powder, for a while. Recent lawsuits by many women allege that using talcum baby powder caused them to develop ovarian cancer.

Johnson & Johnson, the major pharmaceutical corporation that manufactures and distributes talcum baby powder, now faces lawsuits from women who claim the company was negligent by failing to advise the public about the powder’s health risks and failing to change its manufacturing to make the powder safer.

What Is Talcum Baby Powder?

Talcum baby powder is a hygiene product made using the mineral talc. Talc is mainly comprised of silicon, magnesium, and oxygen. It became popular as a powder due to its ability to absorb moisture quickly and efficiently, reducing friction and chafing. Prior to the 1970s, some types of talcum powder contained asbestos, which is a known carcinogen. However, talcum powders have been asbestos-free since the health hazards of asbestos became well known.

Talcum Baby Powder’s Links to Ovarian Cancer

The main question regarding talcum baby powder’s links to ovarian cancer concern whether women are at greater risk of developing ovarian cancer if they apply talcum baby powder to their genital areas regularly and over an extended period of time. The early lawsuits against talcum baby powder manufacturer Johnson & Johnson allege that this is the case, based on the cases of women who developed ovarian cancer using it as a feminine hygiene product.

Laboratory studies that expose lab animals to asbestos-free talcum baby powder have had mixed results when it comes to showing if talcum baby powder causes cancer. However, case control studies of women who used talcum baby powder have shown a more significant link to ovarian cancer in many cases.

Johnson & Johnson’s Liability and Negligence

Johnson & Johnson first faced a lawsuit for damages caused by its talcum baby powder products in 2009. Doctors diagnosed Diane Berg, a physician assistant from South Dakota, with ovarian cancer in 2006 after using the product on a near-daily basis for over 30 years. Berg’s lawsuit alleged that the talc in the baby powder products made by Johnson & Johnson caused her ovarian cancer and that Johnson & Johnson provided no warning label in the three decades that she used the product indicating that it had any adverse health risks.

Although a jury confirmed the link between Berg’s cancer and her use of talcum baby powder, she did not receive compensation. The company did offer her a $1.3 million settlement, which she rejected after being asked to sign a confidentiality agreement. Berg said that what she wanted more than monetary compensation was for the courts to require that Johnson & Johnson warn consumers about the potential dangers of using their talcum powder products. She wanted to be sure that no one else would suffer the pain that she went through.

Three later trials, however, resulted in multi-million dollar verdicts, finding that Johnson & Johnson was, in fact, guilty of concealing information about the dangers of talcum baby powder and its potential links to ovarian and other forms of cancer for over 40 years. In one case, company documents revealed evidence of internal conversations about whether the company should reveal what it knew about the dangers of its talcum baby powder. With this and other evidence, Johnson & Johnson was found negligent and liable.

Matters of this nature must be taken seriously. Companies like Johnson & Johnson are expected to provide reasonably safe products and inform their users of all potential adverse side effects. If you believe that you have suffered harm because of talcum powder’s links to ovarian cancer, speak with a qualified Atlanta injury lawyer experienced in these types of cases as soon as possible.

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