Atlanta Wrongful Death Lawyer

As Atlanta wrongful death attorneys, we completely understand it can be devastating to learn that someone you love has passed away unexpectedly. The pain and heartbreak can be even worse if your loved one’s death was the result of negligence on the part of someone else. Asking yourself “what if” questions in these circumstances can make it even more difficult to grieve your loss and move on with your life. It’s unfortunate, but negligence is often the cause of fatal accidents that leave families hurt and grieving in their wake.

When you’ve lost a loved one to a wrongful death, you may feel a need to protect his or her memory by fighting for justice. You also may be worried about how you’ll pay for remaining medical bills or funeral costs.

If you believe that your loved one’s death resulted from carelessness on the part of someone who should have provided better care and protection, one way to do this is by filing a lawsuit for a wrongful death. Not only can it provide financial stability for family members who have lost a loved one, but a wrongful death lawsuit can also force negligent parties to pay punitive damages and institute better safety regulations that prevent the same tragedy from befalling someone else.

About Wrongful Death Lawsuits in Georgia

The term wrongful death means that a person’s death was the result of some form of abuse, neglect, or oversight. Georgia law defines wrongful death as a death caused by “negligent, reckless, intentional, or criminal” actions on the part of either an individual or an entity such as a business. Negligence is a legal term that relates to someone’s responsibility (or duty of care) to look out for the safety and well-being of other people.

Like personal injury cases, wrongful death lawsuits deal with the idea of negligence. To win compensation in court for wrongful death, the plaintiff and his or her personal injury lawyer must show that the defendant was negligent in carrying his or her duty of care. While personal injury lawsuits are brought by the victims of negligence themselves, in a wrongful death case, the victim’s surviving spouse or other family member may file a wrongful death suit to seek compensation for the loss of their loved one.

Georgia law is specific about who can bring a wrongful death lawsuit. In most cases, the spouse of the victim brings the suit, or, if the spouse is not surviving, the victim’s children may sue. In cases where the victim does not have either a spouse or surviving children (such as in the case of the death of a child or single person) the victim’s surviving parent(s) may bring a wrongful death suit. The victim’s personal representative can also bring a wrongful death lawsuit, but in this case, any damages the courts award would be passed to the victim’s next of kin.

Types of Wrongful Death Lawsuits

There are many different types of wrongful death lawsuits, depending on the nature of the accident that resulted in the victim’s death. One common type of wrongful death lawsuit involves medical malpractice. This is when medical professionals such as doctors or nurses cause someone’s death by failing to follow proper procedures. Surviving loved ones can also hire an Atlanta wrongful death lawyer and file wrongful death suits on behalf of someone who was killed by a defective product or injured in a workplace accident. Additionally, if you lose a loved one due to a car accident, truck accident, or motorcycle accident, you may be entitled to file a wrongful death lawsuit.

Consult an Atlanta Wrongful Death Attorney If You Lost a Loved One

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