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Many patients who took the blood thinner Xarelto have signed on to mass tort lawsuits after use of the drug caused serious bleeding events. Manufacturers of drugs such as Xarelto have a responsibility to the public to guarantee their products are reasonably safe for consumer use and to warn consumers about dangerous side effects. When they fail to do so, patients who are injured as a result may be entitled to compensation so they should speak with an Atlanta Xarelto injury attorney as soon as they are able. You may be entitled to compensation from the manufacturer if you were injured from severe bleeding after taking the blood thinning medication Xarelto.

When doctors prescribe medication intended to improve your health, it can be frightening and frustrating to learn about potential issues with that drug. This is especially true if the companies that manufactured and distributed it were aware of the potential dangers to public health and didn’t make that information known.

Problems with Xarelto

While many types of blood thinners or anticoagulants can cause bleeding, recently released studies have shown that Xarelto poses a greater danger than other similar medications. This is because there is currently no antidote that can reduce the drug’s blood thinning effects. This means that in case of an emergency, there’s no way to stop a patient from excessive bleeding due to Xarelto. Patients who have taken the drug can suffer serious injury or death due to the possibilities of internal bleeding and hemorrhaging.

Opportunity for Compensation

Due to mass tort lawsuits for damages due to Xarelto, patients (or their loved ones) who were injured by the medication’s effects have the opportunity to sue for compensation from Bayer and Janssen, the makers of Xarelto. Plaintiffs in Georgia should speak with a qualified Atlanta personal injury lawyer experienced in Xarelto claims as they may be entitled to compensation for the following types of damages:

Plaintiffs in the suit against Bayer and Janssen are also seeking punitive damages. Punitive damages are fees that the courts order the defendant to pay as a form of punishment for wrongdoing and a deterrent against similar negligence.

Reasons for Lawsuits

Bayer and Janssen Pharmaceuticals are facing a number of lawsuits due to Xarelto’s harm to consumers. These suits allege that the medication is not only defective, but also unsafe. According to these lawsuits, while Vitamin K can reverse the blood thinning effects of other traditional anticoagulants such as Coumadin or Warfarin, Xarelto has no such antidote. This means that doctors would be powerless to stop the bleeding of a patient taking Xarelto in an emergency. The lawsuits against Bayer and Janssen allege that patients have suffered serious injury and death due to the effects of Xarelto. Other allegations in the Xarelto lawsuits include:

Bayer and Janssen likely knew that Xarelto was dangerous for a long time before patients began filing lawsuits. When companies violate the public’s trust in this way, it’s important that society holds them accountable for their actions. The Xarelto users who are filing suit against Bayer and Janssen are doing what they can to ensure that justice is done and that no one else suffers the adverse effects of this medication.

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