Atlanta Security Guard Negligence Attorney

Security professionals are responsible for identifying risks and preventing crime in a specified area. Employers rely on guards and bouncers to react appropriately during crises. When they fail to reasonably fulfill their roles, they may face liability for resulting injuries.

Negligence in the field of security can take many forms. Security guards may fail to reasonably identify risks or prevent crime. Any time a security guard’s failure results in the unnecessary harm of an invitee or trespasser on the property, he or she may be financially responsible.

The Atlanta security guard negligence attorneys at The Dixon Firm, PC recognize the importance of effective security guards in property security. We also know how poor security decisions can affect the people supposedly protected. Our firm takes on cases involving security guard negligence throughout Metro Atlanta.

Security Guard Negligence and Employer Liability

Many security professionals work for security firms or directly for the properties they secure. In some cases involving employed security guard negligence, the employer may face responsibility for the actions of the security guard. Employer claims often arise when security guards behave within the confines of their job descriptions. Personal injury firms may hold employers liable for poor security policies or employee vetting practices.

Independent security contractors, on the other hand, are 100% responsible for the services rendered. If they fail to provide adequate security services, those who suffer may hire an Atlanta security guard negligence lawyer and hold the contractors directly responsible for all losses sustained.

When Security Guards or Employers May Face Liability

Atlanta security guards keep the peace at event venues, retail shops, restaurants, offices, hospitals, schools, and clubs. Professionals may face liability for negligent actions if someone suffers because they:

Security professionals are responsible for both proactive and reactive security activities, especially those outlined in a job description. The failure to provide reasonable security services exposes security guards and their employers to liability in the event of an injurious or death.

For example, a young rapper, Jerome Blake, died from gunshot wounds in southwest Atlanta. Multiple men assaulted Blake in a space allegedly protected with security, patrols, and surveillance. Security guards had every reason to believe the rapper might face assault prior to the shooting incident. His father later filed a lawsuit claiming security guard negligence.

Security Guard Negligence in Atlanta

Employers expect security professionals to provide a certain level of safety in a range of situations. Since security work can vary depending on an employer’s or client’s needs, Georgia courts review these cases individually to determine negligence and award compensation.

Security guard negligence may play a role in cases involving acts of violence, sexual assault, and aggravated acts of assault including shootings. Those injured because of a security guard’s carelessness often need the support of compassionate and experienced personal injury lawyer in Atlanta, GA.

Free Consultation with an Atlanta Security Guard Negligence Attorney

The team at The Dixon Firm, PC recognizes the nuances of security guard negligence claims in Atlanta. Whether you suffered a preventable incident on MARTA or a loved one died from gunshot wounds in a protected area, our team will investigate and build a strong case to protect your right to compensation.

The Dixon Firm, PC has a reputation for success in the Metro Atlanta area. We successfully resolve 95% of the claims we handle. If you choose to work with us on your negligent security claim, you won’t pay a dime until we secure compensation on your behalf. To learn more about security guard negligence in Atlanta, call our office at (404) 733-1166.