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Attorneys Enrique Ramos, SK Rod Dixon, and Daniel Adamson at The Dixon Firm

At The Dixon Firm, P.C., we understand this impact and have made it our life’s work to tilt the scale back in favor of those wrongly injured by others. Our Georgia personal injury lawyers are steadfast in our commitment to results. That commitment does not end if your case does not settle.

Physical and emotional injuries often fall upon the shoulders of those who can least afford them.  Injuries can have life-altering impacts, from the actual physical and mental suffering, to the loss of work, to the inability to pay the most basic bills.

At our hearts, we are trial lawyers. Therefore, if the negligent party does not do right by our clients, we have the ability to present the case to a jury and let the citizens bring justice.


Our Legal Team

Founded by attorney S.K. Rod Dixon and enhanced by our dedicated staff of professionals, The Dixon Firm, P.C. is at your service. Our team of Georgia personal injury lawyers is available where and when you need us most.

Service areas include: Metro Atlanta, City of South Fulton, East Point, Columbus, Riverdale, Jonesboro, Stockbridge, and McDonough, Gwinnett, and can extend throughout Georgia and nationally, depending on the case.

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Visit our PRACTICE AREAS page to find out how we can assist you with your traumatic accident or assault claim. We specialize in:

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