What Do Car Accident Lawyers Do?

Most people tend to have a lot of questions following a car accident in Georgia. Dealing with the police, making statements, handling insurance claims, and addressing medical issues are just a few things car accident victims must handle. An Atlanta car accident lawyer can be a tremendous asset to people injured in car accidents, whether they simply need help processing an insurance claim, want to file a case against a negligent driver, or need assistance with a product liability claim.

Connect with an Attorney Quickly

Anyone who suffers an injury from a car accident should be concerned about medical issues before anything else. If a person requires immediate medical attention, emergency responders will transport him or her to the nearest hospital. In other cases, a driver involved in a car accident may only sustain minor injuries or property damage. After an accident, if possible, any driver who is able to do so should remain to speak to the police when they arrive. Virtually every state requires drivers to notify the police of car accidents that cause injury or property damage. Once the police arrive, they will interview everyone involved in the crash and any witnesses who saw it happen.

Some people make the mistake of admitting fault when speaking to police, even when they are not actually at fault at all. Common phrases like “I’m sorry” or “I didn’t see…” can get drivers in trouble. Police or insurers may construe these phrases as admissions of fault. A car accident attorney will gather the evidence necessary for building a case, and the police report of the accident will be a major piece of evidence. A good car accident attorney helps clients handle insurance claims, workers’ compensation applications (if applicable), and a host of other issues likely to arise from a car accident.

Building a Case

Most car accident lawsuits fall under the purview of personal injury law. This branch of law covers cases involving civil actions between private citizens in which one person has caused injury or damage to another. While many car accidents lead to personal injury lawsuits, there are other possibilities as well, and the type of case depends on the cause of the accident.

If another driver’s negligence caused the crash, the injured plaintiff can then file a personal injury lawsuit. The plaintiff’s Atlanta accident attorney will need to prove the defendant was negligent and his or her negligence directly caused the accident and the plaintiff’s damages. The plaintiff’s attorney must show the court the defendant owed the plaintiff a duty of care, breached that duty, and the defendant’s breach of duty directly caused the plaintiff’s damages.

Some car accidents happen because of faulty car parts or defective designs. In these cases, an attorney will help an injured client build a product liability claim against the manufacturer. Product liability cases are a bit different than personal injury cases. Unlike personal injury cases, the plaintiff’s attorney does not need to prove the manufacturer was actually negligent, only that the item in question was indeed defective and the defective part directly caused the accident.

Every car accident victim will also need to deal with insurance companies at some point. Insurance adjusters often look for any legitimate reason to deny a claim or to make an unreasonably low offer, and an attorney can help injured patients deal with their insurance concerns with minimal worry. In the event that an insurance company acts in bad faith, a good attorney can assist with this as well. Ultimately, anyone who suffers injuries or other damages in a car accident should connect with a qualified, reliable attorney as soon as possible.